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(4.6⭐ 2,500+ reviews) Xikezaw Upgraded Beard Grooming Kit

Updated: Jul 25

Xikezaw have upgraded their grooming kit by increasing the amount of items provided, which helped them reach the number one best seller in Amazon at this current date, as it has over two thousands reviews with an average star rating of 4.6!

This beard grooming kit has a total of 9 items, which include 60ml beard conditioner, beard shampoo, beard oil, beard balm, beard boar brush, anti-static wooden comb, beard scissors, storage bag and an beard care eBook.


  • Currently, this is the only bundle in Amazon that includes both a shampoo and conditioner. From numerous reviews its stated that the shampoo and conditioner help reduce the rough texture of your beard, enabling it to stay soft.

  • The boar brush and wooden comb are created with high quality materials, which will have longevity, and is stated to stop your beard from curling and will help straighten out the hair follicles.


  • The beard balm is reported to be "too solid", as it is a hard paste. Making it difficult to apply and moisturise the beard.

  • Beard oil is small and has no scent and doesn't smell nice once you apply it to your beard, so you'll have to cover up the smell with a cologne or other perfumes.

Final Verdict

Overall, this kit will help you maintain your beard reducing the urge to shave and itch, as the beard products counteract these issues and more. However, this product has no fragrance and the bottles are quite small, which means it won't last very long, but the tools provided are excellent. Therefore, making this a great product to pick up for yourself or as a gift.

Get your beard grooming kit bundle here: https://amzn.to/2Zz5man


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