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Can beard growth be stimulated?

Updated: Aug 30

Yes! You will be able to stimulate beard growth using these techniques (this post will contain affiliate links):

1) Let it grow!

There are many individuals who don't commit to grow a beard, as it tends to get too itchy and uncomfortable on the face, which will influence you to shave your hard work off!

Depending on your genetics, growing a beard will take weeks for you to see good progress, however if you are having issues growing a beard due to the itchiness, you can check out our review and top list section where these products are designed to counteract these issues, which will help you commit growing a beard in the long term!

Additionally, if you think constant shaving will grow your beard you have been mislead, as this statement is false. The reason why people believe this myth is because the root of the beard hair is thicker than the end of the hair. After you have shaven, it will appear that your beard is thicker but in reality when you grow your beard out it will be the same length as you’ve had it before.

Growing a beard is a patience game. You might be an individual who naturally is a slow grower, so it might take months to grow a beard, but you might be thinking you will look scruffy if you grow your beard out. This is why it’s imperative that you have an excellent beard care routine and ensure that you keep your beard shaped up ideally every two weeks, as it will be easier to maintain your beard.

2) Increase testosterone!

As you’ve read numerous times, beard growth depends on genetics specifically testosterone and DHT (dihydro-testosterone). These are the most important factors for a boy to grow into a man, as it deepens the voice, gain strength/muscle, increasing facial hair, fertility and many more changes.

Best way to increase testosterone is simply by working out specifically lifting heavy weights or doing high intensity interval training also known as HIIT. This will increase the blood circulation throughout your body, and this is one of the triggers to stimulate facial hair, as the vitamins and nutrients will reach the hair follicles efficiently.

Focus on doing compound exercises such as bench press, squats, pull ups and overhead press. These will target numerous muscle groups as well as increasing your pushing and pulling strength! This is important to take note of, because you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone by working out, as you will gain muscle mass and stimulate beard growth at the same time.

Another way to increase testosterone is by improving your diet, such as:

Eating food high in protein like eggs, lean meat, fish, rice, beans and many more. This is because protein is an essential factor to promote hair growth, as it contains keratin which is a type of protein that you will attain from your diet.

Start eating nutritious food that are high in zinc, B-vitamin and Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Vitamin E (in simple terms eat your fruits and vegetables!).

3) Reduce stress!

Stress is the number one factor on damaging our physical and mental being, it is imperative to take regular breaks from work and finding ways to reduce stress. If you’re an individual that has too much stress it will restrict the flow of nutrients and vitamins to your hair follicles, which won’t stimulate any growth and if this is a constant factor, it will lead to hair loss!

For example, going for daily walks is an excellent hobby to pick up. Although, it might not sound a lot it works for many people, as it's easy and effective. If you’re ever feeling like everything is getting too much grab a pair of headphones and listen to your favourite music/podcast while going out for a walk. This is a form of exercise as well as meditation, it will allow you to clear your head and re-energise your mind.

Another way to reduce stress is to simply get more sleep, ideally 7-9 hours is the best duration to sleep each night. This will make you feel constantly refreshed and energised in the morning, also by getting a good night sleep it will increase your testosterone levels, which will promote beard growth.

4) Using Minoxidil

Before deciding to purchase this product please seek consultation from doctors, as this post is not professional advice and is only listing common information about minoxidil, so read on if you want to find out more about this substance.

Minoxidil is commonly used for hair loss and was approved by the FDA for both use of men and women. However, there were some individuals that decided to put it on their face to see if it would stimulate facial hair, and guess what it does! It's an excellent method of stimulating beard growth and it will help whether you have a beard or not, and this process usually takes various months, in order to see good progress.

This substance comes in various forms such as, a liquid, foam and lotion and comes in a strength of 2% - 5%, which is enough to stimulate beard growth. It’s advisable to use a small amount to apply on your face and then massage it thoroughly in the skin, so the hair follicles can absorb the chemicals. Depending on what product you have chosen, the usual dosage applying minoxidil is once a day, however depending on your progression you can increase or decrease the dose.

The side effects will vary between individuals, as some may face no side effects while there are others who face major effects and have to stop the usage of minoxidil. Again it’s important to seek advice from a professional before purchasing any of these types of products.

The most common side effects while using minoxidil are:

  • Redness on the application site

  • Faintness

  • Irritation

  • Eczema

  • Irregular heart beat

  • Nose bleeds

If these side effects continue to happen or gets worse stop using minoxidil, however there are individuals that have these effects

If you’re still spectacle of this product there are various Facebook and Reddit groups that use minoxidil and share their progress, so you will be able to view their journey from using this product. Also, there are plenty of YouTube videos that show their progress while showing if they have any side effects while using minoxidil, in order to maximise beard growth.

5) Beard Transplant

This method is a guaranteed method to stimulate beard growth, however it’s compulsory to book a consultation with a surgeon, in order to understand the risks associated with this and if you would even need a beard transplant in the first place.

Beard transplant works very similarly to a hair transplant where surgeons gather hair follicles from the donor area and apply it to your face strategically.

This will be applicable for people that can’t grow a single strand of beard hair and people who have patchy beards that want the gaps filled in.

Once you’ve had your consultation and are ready to undergo the beard transplant surgery it usually takes 2-4 hours to complete, but sometimes it might take even longer, as this will depend on the amount of hair follicles that are needed to be placed around your face. Also, this procedure is very precise and will take time, so patience is needed!

The benefits of using this method is that the transplant is permanent, so after the surgery you will always have a beard and will be able to shave, style and grow it like a Viking! After a few months post-surgery, this is when your beard will look the most fullest and it will continue to grow just like the rest of your body hair.

However, the most common side effects that you will face post-surgery:

  • Itchiness and irritation

  • Redness on the area of application

  • Tightens on the face

  • Numbness

  • Swelling

The main disadvantage of this procedure is that it’s really expensive, so it comes down to personal preference if you want to go through with having a beard transplant. Again it’s important to take the risks involved within this surgical procedure and it’s mandatory to seek consultation from your doctors before going through this transplant.


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