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Can Beard Oil go bad?

Yes, all beard oil products have the tendency to go bad after a long period of time and this post will outline the various warnings of a expired beard oil:

Beard oil life expectancy

Many brands will create their beard oil to have a specific shelf time, so it needs to be used within a certain period of time and if your beard oil is exposed to bacteria and too much sunlight this will shorten the life of the oil.

Irritating your skin

If this occurs once you apply the product, it’s definitely gone bad and we recommend you throw it in the trash immediately, because continued use of the expired beard oil may lead to more harmful issues.

Smells off

This is one of the easiest way to know if your beard oil is gone off just by having a sniff, because you will know the smell of your beard oil. If you notice a change in smell that’s one of the biggest signs of an expired beard oil. If it has a rotten or chemical smell, you will need a new beard oil which you can check out from our review and top list section!

Doesn’t feel right

Your beard oil should be soft when applying it on your face, however if its start to feel gritty or slimy, it’s safe to say that the oil has expired. Also, if the beard oil isn’t doing its job such as making the beard soft and absorbing into your hair follicles then this will make your beard look greasy and messy, which is another factor of the beard oil going bad.

(Art by Ben Rose)

Oil looking weird

Beard oils are created with entities of various oils such as essential and carrier oils, so if you start to see that your beard oil has two different layers it means that the ingredients have separated, therefore you will not be able to get the benefits of using a beard oil.

(Picture by Tools Of Men)

These are just some of the signs you should look for if you think your beard oil is gone bad, so if any of these warnings seems reminiscent you need to immediately throw out your beard oil, and we recommend to take this seriously because using an expired beard oil can cause you to get severe side effects.



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