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Does Beard Oil work?

Updated: Aug 10

This post will answer all your questions relating to what, why, when and how beard oils can be effective:

1) What is beard oil?

The main role of a beard oil is to nourish and moisturise the hair follicles on your skin. This is to ensure that your beard is getting the right treatment in order to stimulate the growth of a healthy beard.

There are various types of beard oils to choose from in the market and it depends on what you are going for such as having a nice fragrance, texture, 100% organic etc.

Majority of the beard oils out there will include natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, almond oil, pure argon oil and many more. These are usually all blended together which contribute into growing a masculine beard!

Choosing the right beard oil can be tough, due to the saturated market, so to save your time we have made a review and top lists section to find the best product for you!

2) Why use beard oil?

By not including beard oils in your skin care routine this will cause many issues underneath your beard which you may not have been noticing such as beard dandruff and flaky skin.

These issues might not be seen as a huge problem, however it will have a big impact on the growth of your beard, because flaky skin will clog up your pores, therefore not stimulating beard growth.

Additionally, not using beard oils will lead you to have numerous burdens such as dry skin, hair follicles will become curly making it harder to manage, and the uncomfortable itchiness that makes you want to shave your hard work off!

3) When to use beard oil?

The best time to apply beard oil is after you have a shower, as this is when your beard will be the cleanest.

This is because, your pores will gently open up after you had a shower, due to the steam that was produced and by applying beard oil it will allow your hair follicles on your face to absorb the substance efficiently, as it will be free from dirt.

Depending on the length of your beard and the climate you live in, it will come down to personal preference in how often you should use beard oil.

Typically, if you have a long beard or live in a dry climate you may need to apply the oil daily, which will prevent dry skin underneath your beard. Whereas, individuals with shorter beards or live in a humid climate can get away with using a beard oil couple times a week.

4) How beard oil works?

These products have many nutrient filled oils blended together and is essentially the best thing to moisturise your beard with, as this allows your skin to breath, which will enhance the growth of your beard.

Also, it will allow your beard to appear thicker and longer, as it will be easier to manage; this is because the oil is making the texture of the beard soft. From using the beard oil it will reduce the urge to shave and itch your beard, as its getting the right treatment.

The benefits of using a beard oil is outstanding, due to having a significant impact on the growth of your beard, which is why it's important to use these products if you're serious about growing a lavish beard!



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