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When does beard growth stop?

Beards never stop growing its always developing and will tend to get thicker over a person’s lifetime.

However, this will only depend on the individual’s genetics, as everyone's beard growth will vary. For example, there are people who can grow a full beard during their early teens, whereas in the other end of the spectrum there are males who struggle to grow a developed beard in their 30s.

There are three stages of beard growth stages that every individual faces (keep in mind these terminologies can also represent the hair on the rest of your body but this post will be specifically about beards):

Anagen stage is where new hair follicles are being formed and developing, which is why it’s referred to as the growth period. Depending on the individual this can last between two to four months or longer.

Catagen stage is the regressive period, and this is when the follicles in your beard stop growing and start to shrink, this process usually lasts around two to four weeks.

Telogen stage, this is where the hair follicles on your beard are in a resting period, which will make it appear that your beard has stopped growing, but in reality this is only temporary, as the follicles are just stagnant this phase can last for several months.

This is a natural process that everyone faces so don’t be alarmed because the resting hairs will fall out which will allow new stronger hair follicles to develop, and this is how overtime males tend to get a thicker beard as they age.

If you think your beard growth stopped growing here are some reasons why:

You might be an individual who has a poor lifestyle, for efficient beard growth to occur you need to ensure you’re getting the right vitamins in and keeping your blood flowing by exercising.

Not taking care of your beard. Skin and beard care is vital for your beard to stay healthy, so by implementing a good beard care routine it will allow the hair follicles to nourished, which will promote growth.

Due to your genetics you might be a person who grows there beard at a slow rate, which can be unfortunate, as some people have to wait till their late 30s in order to grow a full beard, but don’t be disheartened, as there are natural methods that can promote growth of your beard.



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