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Where should my Beard Neckline be?

A perfect beard neckline will make your jaw look sharper and make your beard look tidier.

Don’t be those individual who let their beard grow out to cover your whole throat. It will look messy and show people that you literally don’t care about how you look.

Instead learn how to maintain a consistent beard neckline, which will enhance your beard and make you look more attractive.

Below we will understand how we can identify the beard neck line and how to shape up the beard.

Identify the neckline

Firstly, I want you to look straight at a mirror, tilt your head slightly back and place your finger sideways above your Adams apple. That’s where your beard neckline should be!

Of course you can adjust to your preference, for example if you naturally have a chiselled jaw line you can get away with having your beard neck line being higher, however if you don’t its recommended that you create a neckline above the Adams apple, so you can get the illusion of having a sharp jawline.

Ideally, if you’re thinking of shaping your beard it’s important to use more than one mirror, so you can see your beard from all angles. This is to make sure that every side is equal and just bear in mind you won’t have to do this, as it’s not a compulsory step, but it will just make your life easier.

Additionally, it’s important to note that even if you’re in the process of growing your beard out, for example if you’re in the stubble period. These tips will be excellent to use early on, as it will keep the beard looking sharp and you will get used to this procedure making you do it consistently!

Every man needs to do this, as it will make you look more attractive by making your beard look thicker and giving it an illusion that your beard is well developed!

Shaping the beard

Before you start shaving or trimming make sure to comb/brush your beard in a downward motion this includes the front and sides. This will make the little hair strands appear when you’re ready to trim and shape up your beard not making you miss a single bit!

Make sure you have a reliable beard trimmer, as this will help you maintain keeping your beard looking sharp, also its important that you choose a high quality trimmer in order for it to have longevity, so you won't need to constantly replace it.

Shave a light line on where you want your beard neckline to be and from there you shave in a downward motion, and you can use the line as the reference so you know everything will be even.

When shaping up the neck line it’s up to you whether you want the line to be straight or round. It’s recommended to round of your beard neckline as it aligns nicely with your jawline making it seem more natural and having a more appealing look, however you should experiment different styles, because trial and error will get you the best results!

Individuals with a longer beard will have to shape up their lip line, as you don’t want to have your moustache covering your lip. It might look cool but in reality it’s actually unhygienic, because while you’re eating food all the crumbs will go on the strands of the moustache and you really wouldn’t want the look of a messy eater in public places. The best thing to do is do shave a light line above your top lip.

It’s also important to shave the cheek lines, as this will make your beard sharper as well. This isn’t too hard you just need to shave of the strands on your cheek, and this will make the sides look thicker and fuller. Just don’t shave too much of the sides, stop where your beard hair naturally stays thick and full, otherwise you’ll end up having a chin strap!

If you’re struggling to keep in line with the beard you can use a beard shape tool that will make it more convenient and easier for you to ensure that your beard will be equal on all sides. Also, this can save you a lot of time from being precise and making sure that everything is even as the beard shape tool give you the convince of ensuring that your beard will be sharp and consistent.

Don’t worry about messing up, as the cheeks and neck tend to grow back very quickly, so it will take a few tries in order to get the perfect beard line. Make sure you stay consistent with it, because it will greatly help making you look sharp all the time.

Ideally, shaping up your beard every two weeks is a great way to get started. This will make your beard continuously looking fresh and sharp, and if you keep this up consistently you will never end up having a scraggly beard!


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