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Which Beard Trimmer is the best?

Updated: Oct 22

This post will outline the purpose of Beard Trimmers as well as the BEST FIVE Beard Trimmers that are currently available:

Beard Trimmers are the best tools to shape and cut your beard in order to get the cleanest and freshest look!

It's very important to regularly shape and maintain your beard, as this will drastically change the way your beard look. I'm sure you've seen plenty before and after pictures of men getting a hair and beard cut, they always look like a completely different person!

The transitions are amazing it even makes some individuals beard look thicker, due to the beard being sharper and neater, so by having a beard trimmer it will give you the convenience of allowing you to keep this consistency of looking fresh.

This is why it's imperative to choose the perfect Beard Trimmer for you. Down below you will find the FIVE best trimmers we have chosen that will get the job done efficiently!

(4.5⭐, +2000 reviews) Philips Series 5000

This is one of the most versatile trimmer in the market, as it comes with 11 tools! The tools included are a precision shaver, metal trimmer, detail metal trimmer, nose/ear trimmer, 1 adjustable beard comb (3mm-7mm), 1 body comb (3mm), 2 stubble combs (1 and 2mm), 3 hair combs (9, 12 and 16mm) and comes with a storage pouch.

Not only you can use it for your beard, you’ll be able to cut your own hair with this trimmer as well, because it comes with numerous attachments that will enable you to do this. The Philips series 5000 is cordless and is rechargeable with a run time of 80 minutes. Also, it’s 100% waterproof and if you aren’t satisfied with the product they have a 90 day money back guarantee scheme!

Now we understand what this trimmer is capable of, we looked at numerous reviews to list the strength and weaknesses of this product.

Starting with the weaknesses many reviewers have stated there is no batter life indicator, so you won’t know when the trimmer needs charging. Some of the attachments provided are quite flimsy and there is no holder/stand to carry the extra attachments.

On the other hand, the main strengths of this product is the multi-purpose use, as it’s one of the best features, due to it being convenient to have an all-in-one trimmer. Additionally, the build of the product and blade are made with high quality materials, so you can expect this trimmer to have longevity.

(4.5⭐, +1,500 reviews) Hatteker Professional Beard Trimmer

This trimmer has a multi-use functionality and has blades created by titanium ceramic, which comes with a complete set of attachments guards such as a precision dial (3mm – 8mm), 5-degree tune-able blade from 0.5mm – 25mm, 6 combs (2mm, 4-6mm, 7-9mm).

It also comes in a set with a beard comb and a mini brush to keep the trimmer clean. This is a cordless trimmer that is 100% waterproof and has a 2.5 hours run time after 90 minutes of charging.

The weakness of this product according to the reviewers are that the guards provided are quite flimsy, as they are quite difficult to take off and place on the trimmer. Also, charging this device takes a really long time.

However, the strengths of this product is that there is a battery life indicator, which helped many people know when the trimmer needed charge and didn’t run out of charge while using the trimmer. Reviewers have stated that this trimmer was very easy to clean, as the tool provided help get rid of little hair follicles within the blades, and with this trimmer you are able to rinse it with water.

(4.4⭐, +15,000 reviews) Remington Barba Beard Trimmer

The Remington beard trimmer has ceramic coated blades and has an adjustable blade which is able to shape and shave your beard to any style you want! It has a total of nine length setting to choose from (1.5mm – 18mm), you’ll be able to change the settings with a zoom wheel on the handle of the trimmer and this is a cordless trimmer with up to a 40 minute run time.

From the reviews many people have stated that the Remington trimmer takes a really long time to charge and with only a 40 minute run time, you’ll have to constantly recharge your trimmer. The plastic guard provided is fragile and gets loose sometimes, and these are some of the weaknesses the reviews have highlighted.

The greatest strength of this trimmer is that it’s one of the easiest to use as there is only one attachments with a zoom wheel making it one of the most convenient tools in the market. Also, reviewers have stated that this trimmer can last for years if you manage to keep it in good condition, which suggests that this trimmer is perfect for the long-term.

(4.3⭐, +2,000 reviews) BaByliss Precision Beard Trimmer

This is a cordless trimmer that has 3 attachments with a setting of 1.5mm, 2.5mm and 3.5mm. It also comes in a convenient storage stand where you’re able to place your trimmer as well as the attachments that come with it.

Compared with the other trimmers this has a limited options of guards, so this trimmer only has one purpose. Moreover, reviewers have stated that even though this trimmer is cordless it isn’t rechargeable; this is because this product requires batteries (AA batteries).

On the other hand this trimmer is actually well built and made with high quality material, which will easily get the job done of shaving or shaping your beard. The product is light weight, so it’s one of the most convenient trimmers in the market and easy to travel with.

(4.1⭐, +9,000 reviews) Wahl Beard Trimmer

Wahl beard trimmer is one of the most affordable product in the market, and it’s a cordless trimmer that is rechargeable. It has approximately 60 minutes of run time when it’s full at charge, also the blades are created by high carbon steels and comes with four attachments that vary between 0.5 mm – 13mm.

The main weakness of this product from the reviewers stand point is that the accessories such as the guards are low quality and are flimsy, because you need to be careful when taking it off the trimmer, due to it being fragile. Another weakness that was apparent was the poor battery life, as the Wahl trimmer requires constant charging.

For its price point, the main strength was that it has a long life if kept in good condition. Additionally, due to the trimmer being small and light it becomes one of the best convenient trimmers in the market that is rechargeable.


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