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Why is my beard growth slow?

The reasoning can vary between each individual for example you need to:

1) Take care of your body!

Having a bad lifestyle will have an effect on the growth of your facial hair; this is because the lack of blood circulation and vitamin intake would prevent the nourishment of a healthy beard.

If you're serious about beard growth one change you can do is becoming more active and start cleaning up your diet not only will it promote growth of your facial hair, you will see changes in your body as well.

However, just know that if you’re an individual without a spec of facial hair you cannot expect to grow a Viking beard straight away after using these tips and tricks, because these natural remedies will promote growth to the existing facial hair, but has potential to grow new follicles.

Starting with improving your diet:

Eating food that are high in zinc are excellent for testosterone levels such as nuts, seeds, lentils, oatmeal and many more options to choose from. Also, they tend to have the necessary vitamins to promote beard growth such as B vitamins and Vitamins A, C, D and E.

Another important factor when considering your diet is to include food that are high in protein like lean meat, eggs, fish, beans, chicken, almonds and the list goes on. Protein is one of the most important nutrient for a person to gain muscle, but it’s also a great to strengthen your existing hair, as it will boost your testosterone levels and provide the right vitamins to promote beard growth

Now let’s not forget about the fruits and vegetables!

These are essentials to include in your diet not only will they provide the vitamins and nutrients to promote growth for your beard it will make you feel constantly energised and refreshed.

In summary, to prevent slow beard growth you’ll need to start eating food that are high in zinc, high in protein and start including fruits and vegetables to your diet, as they will give you the necessary vitamins to enhance the growth of your beard.

Be active and have adequate rest:

Try your best to reduce stress. This can be done by exercising on a regular basis, due to promoting blood circulation and increasing testosterone levels.

Best exercises that can boost testosterone is by doing heavy compound lifts such as the squats, overhead press, bench press and pull ups.

Focus on these exercises while trying to get stronger at each lift, and you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone by promoting muscle development as well as making the existing facial hair you have increase in growth.

Also, sleep 7-10 hours every night, because most testosterone is produced during your sleep. This means getting in bed earlier and stop using your phone when you’re in bed! Using electronic devices just before you go to sleep will make it more difficult for you to go sleep due to the artificial blue light that is created when using these devices.

2) Take care of your skin and beard!

Dry skin is one of the biggest impacts on not growing a healthy beard; this is because the dead cells will block the new hair follicles on your bead, therefore not allowing the new follicles to stimulate.

The signs of having dry skin underneath your beard can be having an unbearable and constant itch that you feel around your face. Also, if you see flakes and dandruff around your beard this is another sign of having dry skin.

Fortunately, this problem isn’t that serious, as sometimes the issue is only temporary, so this post will outline numerous ways on how your beard can get dry without you knowing, in order for you do tackle them:

Depending on where you live climate can cause dryness around your facial hair; this is because if you live in a cold environment this will reduce the moisture from your skin, which will cause you to itch and form flaky skin. On the other hand, if you’re an individual who lives in a hot climate this can cause the same problem, but it will cause you to sweat constantly, which will get rid of your skins natural oil.

Stress is one of the biggest impact not only for dry skin but for your face to break out, which will cause spots and pimples. Best way to avoid stress is by being active. Start going to the gym, join a sport class, or even going for daily walks will help you prevent stress! By keeping your physical being healthy it will help you mentally, by keeping your mind fresh and energised.

This is to all my Viking bearded brothers out there, if you have a long beard you have a much higher chance of suffering from dry skin! Having a larger beard will require more natural oils and if they don’t have the sufficient amount it will cause dryness and itchiness.

This is why it's important to exfoliate and scrub your face at least twice a week to remove the dead cells and start moisturising with beard oils, as this will keep your beard soft, fresh, and nourishing the new hair follicles in your beard.

Let’s be honest, many guys use the same soap to wash their body on their face, which is highly not recommended.

Even though you might feel refreshed you’re not doing much good, as your facial hair will need beard shampoo and conditioner in order to efficiently clean it, because a regular bar of soap can just dry out the skin under your beard. Whereas, the beard shampoo will contain the essential vitamins to eliminate flakiness and dryness that can occur in your beard.

Take your time when drying your beard. It’s recommended to use soft towels and tissues to wipe your beard and face, as it won’t irritate your skin.

Also, if you don’t have a long beard stay away from the hairdryer, because this will cause your skin to dry up, and can damage the hair follicles. Only use a hairdryer if you want to style your beard, however limit the use of this, as using it daily will damage your facial hair.

Additionally, start to shape up your beard on a regular basis (ideally every two weeks). Make sure to use a high quality trimmer and have a separate trimmer for body and face!

By shaping your beard frequently it will make your facial hair appear sharper and thicker, therefore it will make your beard look significantly more developed, or you'll end up having a scraggly beard!

These issues might not seem a big deal at first, however it is important to maintain and ensuring that your beard is getting the right treatment, so you can maximise beard growth!

3) Take your time!

You might be an individual who is naturally a slow grower, as genetics plays a big part on how your beard will grow.

Some men can grow a full beard when they’re teenagers, whereas other individuals with not so good beard genetics will see small progress of beard growth in their 30s, but don't lose hope!

There are numerous beard growth oils products that can help you enhance your beard! (Check out our review and top lists section to find the best products for you). However, this is for people that already have a beard and will help them have an appropriate beard care routine, which can promote growth, due to the vitamins and nutrients the beard will absorb from the substance.

By using beard oils it will make your beard easier to manage and much more comfortable to deal with, which will prevent the crave of shaving your beard off. Have patience and follow the appropriate procedures on the growth of a healthy beard!

On the other hand, if you’re an individual who hardly has any beard hair then there are some drastic measure you can take (seek professional advice before using these methods):

One way to boost beard growth is by using minoxidil.

While using this substance many people have seen excellent results within a couple of months and this is from people who couldn’t grow a spec of beard hair.

The initial period of using minoxidil your body will need to adapt to the new substance, so you might go through various stages where your experience growth, but they may be some road blocks people face.

This is because the use of minoxidil will bring various side effects that you need to be aware of such as:

  • Dry skin (common)

  • Itchiness/rash (common)

  • Irregular heartbeats (uncommon)

  • Headaches (uncommon)

  • Fatigue (uncommon)

  • Acne (uncommon)

Some people don’t have these side effects, whereas there are individuals who experienced these irregularities, it will all depend on the individual, as people will have different side effects.

However, if you use minoxidil and continue to get these side effects it’s advisable that you lower the usage or completely come to a halt, as you don’t want to face more serious issues.

Another method is having beard transplant, but this is one of the drastic measures you can take (it’s important to seek professional advice first before deciding on using this method).

This process works very similar to a hair transplant where the surgeons extract the hair follicles from the back of your head (donor area) and apply it on your facial area. The hair follicles are placed on your face strategically to match your beard pattern, and this surgical process usually takes 2 to 4 hours.

After you have the surgery you will go through various side effects such as:

  • Bruising

  • Swelling

  • Redness

  • Sensitive touch

These are common effects that occur after the procedures and doctors will give you an post surgery plan for the beard transplant in order to maintain these issues.

After a couple weeks and months you will be able to see your facial hair grow and from there you will be able to shave/shape your beard to your style.

However, the biggest downside to this is that it’s unnatural and really expensive and only should be considered if this is a last resort and make sure to receive professional advice.

These are some of the drastic measures you can take to enhance the growth of your beard, but most men won’t need these procedures as beards never STOP growing. They will continuously to grow as you age and the beard follicles will tend to get stronger as you age, so if you’re a young guy give it time, this is not a sprint it’s a marathon!


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