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Will beard oil help to grow a beard?

Updated: Aug 10

If you already have a beard then yes, if not then no. Read on to find out more about the purpose of beard oils:

To get straight to the point, if you start out without having a spec of beard hair and think beard oils will work you are sadly mistaken.

There are no scientific proof that beard oils will have an guaranteed effect of growth, for example going from a baby face to having a viking beard after using these products is very unlikely.

This is because, most of the variables of growing a beard will depend on your genes, as some people can grow a well developed beard when their just teenagers or they might just see some growth of a beard when they hit their 30s!

However, it's important to mention that there are ways to promote growth of the beard, but again this will depend on your genetics and won't magically grow you a viking style beard.

For example, beard growth oils will be useful to individuals who already have a beard, as it will make their beard appear thicker, due to the oil keeping it fresh and healthy. By nurturing their beard it will promote growth, as the hair follicles will be free from dry skin, as well as absorbing the nutrients from the oils.

A person who has no beard while using beard growth oils won't do anything unfortunately; this is because you might be an individual that is a slow grower or just unable to grow a beard.

On the other hand, there are some drastic measures that you can take, if you really want to grow a beard, but be wary you'll have to do this at your own risk:

One method is by using minoxidil. I highly recommend you check out YouTube videos and articles about this, as there are some individuals who have stated that this product has worked wonders for them. This is because, they started from having a baby face struggling to grow a beard and after using minoxidil they started getting a decent looking beard.

However, the risks associated with this were that some people had side effects such as rash, dry skin, bleeding nose and more. To reiterate, i highly recommend to do heavy researching before purchasing minoxidil.

Another method can be to have a beard transplant. Yes you read that right beard transplant is now a thing and it has a similar process of getting a hair transplant, where they take the hair follicles behind your head and place them around your face. This method is not recommended, as it's unnatural and will be very expensive.

If you're an individual who is struggling to grow a beard the best thing to do right now is just to wait and be patient, as there are some people that start growing a decent beard at the age 30, but again it all depends on your genetics, so be patient and the time will come!



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